At the bewilderment of scientists around the world, women are outnumbering men 7 to 1.

Well, that was before the American Rebirth; before President Price sparked America’s deadliest nation-wide revolution by illegalizing the abortion of male embryos in an attempt to regain control.

After that, everything fell apart.

Now, in a world without electricity or societal laws, Eve Malum—a revered feminist leader— attempts to provide a peaceful life for a group of remaining survivors inside of Eden, a utopian garden where the male gender is forbidden.

Lucy Cain, a young girl whose attachment to Eve has a hidden past, doesn’t worship Eve the way the other women do. She doesn’t trust her, and she’s determined to find an answer, even if that means questioning Eve’s rulership.

Outside of Eden’s walls, male rebels with ill-intent venture through America’s wastelands in search of surviving women. Among one of these groups is Gabriel, an ex-marine with a heart of gold who, despite his military position during the gender war, never wanted part in any of it.

In a dark, twisted tale of hatred, desire, and forgiveness, the paths of these three individuals must cross if America hopes to ever resurrect from its ashes.