G. C. Julien

Kaitlyn Noles has always been the kind of girl who studies hard and keeps to herself. But when Samantha Boward—a black-haired, bright-eyed beauty with an attitude fiercer than her studded leather boots—is transferred to Loshano High School, something within Kaitlyn ignites.

Drawn by Samantha’s badass demeanor, Kaitlyn begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself, including her sexuality. As their friendship evolves, emotions run high, and Kaitlyn is introduced to the party life.

But as Kaitlyn spirals down this dark path and begins to see the danger in her ways, she comes to realize through sleepless nights and countless arguments that Samantha’s addiction is out of control. Caught between love and a desire to make something of herself, Kaitlyn struggles to make the toughest decision of her life: salvage a toxic relationship, or abandon the only person she’s ever cared for.