G. C. Julien is an award-winning author of gritty, young adult fiction and dark dystopian stories driven by strong female characters. One of her most cherished works, The Feral Sentence, has captured the hearts of thousands of readers despite it being about murderous women sentenced to serve time on a remote island.

When she is not having animated discussions with the characters in her head, G. C. Julien is usually rummaging through her kitchen cupboards because she loves food, spending time with her loving wife who is also the co-author of her new dystopian, Eden (this bio isn’t for advertising...[cough] now available on Amazon [cough]), playing acoustic guitar, or painting characters from comics, movies, or video-games to be given to family and friends.

She is known to be a bit of an introvert who dreams of one day owning her very own bat cave, but promises she is very approachable and will not hiss at you if you make eye contact. She has been trained to smile and shake your hand, and she encourages all of her fans to look her up on Facebook or on her website (gcjulien.com), where readers can subscribe to receive all future installments of The Feral Sentence for free.